Inventing Wealthpier Strategy, Vision & Mission
WEALTHPIER BERHAD as an investment holding company, operates dynamic, primarily growth-oriented businesses.
The holdings are at various stages of development, ranging from established, cash generating businesses to early stage companies. Wealthpier empower the growth of scale up company by fund movement strategy to maximise their brand valuation.
Thus, Wealthpier focusing on improvement programmes, new value creation within  existing core businesses, adapting business models to tap into new revenue sources, rationalizing nonstrategic assets as well as venturing


A Leading MICE Investment Holding Company Engaging Business And Investor Listed at Stock Exchanged by 2025


Professionalism |  Intelectual | Prosperity | Intimacy



Asset & Venue Management

Wealthpier have mastered the interconnectivity of all the moving parts essential to a thriving venue, from operations and administration to content development and marketing. Our talented venue teams and in-house subject matter experts offer the knowledge and attention to detail critical to developing and executing amazing experiences in every venue.


Business  Management

Wealthpier assist business in acceleration, growth, scale up and getting on the right track with their vision using capital mechanism. We also proactively provide business consultation, financial controller services, strategic development, access to network and capital, knowledge sharing as well as investment.Towards transforming SME to be corporatized and sustainable.

Event Management

Wealthpier provide full services event coordination, leverage task to more than 100 high quality  vendors in order to meet clients satisfaction.



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