Inventing Wealthpier Strategy, Vision & Mission

WEALTHPIER BERHAD, as an investment holding company, operates dynamic, primarily growth-oriented businesses. The holdings are at various stages of development, ranging from established, cash-generating businesses to early-stage companies. Wealthpier empowers the growth of scale-up companies through a fund movement strategy to maximize their brand valuation.


A Leading MICE Investment Holding Company Engaging Businesses And Investors Listed at Stock Exchanges by 2025


People – To empower human capabilities and talent acquisition.

Place – To innovate a trendsetting concept for an underutilized asset.

Prosper – To develop profit-maximizing strategies for businesses


Professionalism – Projecting a positive attitude and showing good judgment.

Intellectual – An intangible asset is a non-physical asset that a company or person owns.

Prosperity – Create a society that promotes wellbeing characterized by financial stability.

Intimacy – It's about a two-way connection; perception matters.

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